Foodelia International Food Photography Awards

52nd - 57th Collection

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Chiiz Magazine

Volume 36, March 2020

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National Geographic Daily Dozen 

Golden Temple, Amritsar - 12/02/2018

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As the sky takes on shades of orange I look up at The Darbar Sahib, the holiest Gurudwara. The abode of God is beautifully overlaid in Gold foil. At the hour of Prakash, the temple is graced with devout followers who have come from all parts of the globe, to attend the morning ritual. Soon The Guru Granth Sahib will be taken out of its room, carried on the head, placed in a palki and brought to the sanctum. The air is chilly, the cool marble floor is freezing at best. Long queues line up along the path leading up to the sanctum. Preparations are in place for the ardas to be read out loud for all the pilgrims. It is then that I witness a spectacular moment, at the Golden hour. Satbir, a commoner, takes a dip in the holy Sarovar, the tank that surrounds the Harmandir Sahib on all four sides, which is believed to bear special healing powers. He stays there for the duration of the ardas, waiting for the sun to rise as if almost to guide him through the day. 


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