The 10 x 10 Tea Shop

  • Location: Ooty, India.
  • June 2019

As a part of a personal project I challenged myself to photograph small spaces. Confined in a small space of 10 x 10 ft over a period of 3 hours made it even more challenging. 

For this photo-story I picked a local tea shop as my subject.

The Nilgiri Hills are home to some of the most beautiful tea plantations in the South and the small town has an abundance of tea shops that serve some of the best tea I have ever tasted.  After a thorough recce of the market I decided the best time to photograph the stall was in the warm afternoon hours. The stall was busy as the locals stopped by for a steaming hot cup of tea. 

What made this project really come together  was the play of light and shadows as the sun played hide and seek through thick clouds, adding life to all my shots.

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